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Welcome to El Zol 106.7, the heartbeat of Latin music and culture. Broadcasting from the vibrant city of Decatur in the United States, El Zol is your gateway to the rhythms, melodies, and spirit of the Latino community.

Tune in online or on FM to immerse yourself in a world of lively beats, infectious rhythms, and passionate vocals. Whether you're a Latin music enthusiast or simply looking to experience the vibrant energy of Hispanic culture, El Zol has something to offer for everyone.

With our online streaming service, you can enjoy the vibrant sounds of Latin music from anywhere in the world. Whether you're dancing in your living room, working in the office, or simply seeking to connect with your cultural roots, El Zol is there to accompany you.

El Zol's playlist spans a diverse range of Latin genres, from reggaeton and salsa to bachata and cumbia. Our station is a celebration of the rich musical heritage that unites the Latino community, providing a platform for both traditional and contemporary sounds.

The FM radio signal ensures a clear and powerful listening experience, allowing you to experience the energy of Latin music in its full glory. Let the infectious beats, passionate vocals, and irresistible melodies transport you to the heart of Latin America.

At El Zol 106.7, we understand the power of music to unite, inspire, and uplift. Our station is not just about playing songs—it's about connecting people, fostering a sense of identity, and celebrating the cultural diversity that defines the Latino community.

Whether you're seeking a soundtrack for a festive gathering, a joyful celebration, or simply a way to brighten your day, El Zol is here to bring the party to you. Let the music ignite your spirit and make you dance to the rhythm of life.

So, whether you're in Decatur or tuning in from anywhere else in the United States, tune in, listen online, or switch on your FM radio to let El Zol 106.7 be your guide to the world of Latin music and culture. Immerse yourself in the vibrancy, embrace the energy, and let the music of El Zol become a part of your life's soundtrack.

Experience the passion, the rhythm, and the unity of Latin music as El Zol 106.7 brings you the best of what the Latino community has to offer. Let the beats move you, the melodies inspire you, and the spirit of El Zol uplift your soul.

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  • Website: El Zol 106.7
  • Language: English
  • USA, Fort Lauderdale
  • USA, 106.7 MHz FM
  • spanish - bachata