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BBC Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 4 Extra

(comedy - drama) -  BBC Radio 4 Extra

United Kingdom - England - London

BBC Radio 4 Extra (in the past BBC Radio 7) is a British computerized radio broadcast from the BBC, broadcasting chronicled rehashes of satire, show and narrative projects initially on BBC Radio 4 broadly, 24 hours per day. It is the key telecaster of the BBC's verbally expressed word chronicle, and therefore most of its programming starts from that file. It additionally communicates stretched out and buddy projects to those transmission on sister station BBC Radio 4, and gives a "make up for lost time" administration for specific Radio 4 projects.

The station dispatched in December 2002 as BBC 7, telecom a blend of chronicle parody, show and current kids' radio. The station was renamed BBC Radio 7 of every 2008, then, at that point, relaunched as Radio 4 Extra in April 2011. For the principal quarter of 2013, Radio 4 Extra had a week after week crowd of 1.642 million individuals and had a portion of the overall industry of 0.95%; in the last quarter of 2016 the numbers were 2.184 million audience members and 1.2% of piece of the pie.





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